Dear Clients & Readers:

As a business owner, you already know better than anyone that efficiency and productivity are two important factors for success, especially in these tough economic times. Integration and maintenance of your computer and telecommunications systems are also a major part of that.

Like most businesses in this economic environment, your company may not have the real estate to have an internal IT Department or room in the budget to afford the rates to keep an IT person on staff and this is where Sipylus come into play.

Here at Sipylus, we have been and will continue to cater to the entrepreneurs and to the small business owners. We won’t try to impress you with all the techno-babble. We’ll just listen to your needs and tell you in plain English what needs to be done to remain productive. And it does not stop there as we will be available 24/7 just in case you need to contact us because our business is to know your business and keep it running smoothly.

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Chance Favors The Prepared Mind