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About Sipylus

About Us
Sipylus is dedicated to providing reliable, highly effective, and up-to-date IT services at an affordable cost. Sipylus helps your business or organization, large or small, public or private, to optimize, secure, and reduce the cost of IT solutions.

We combine advanced technology, innovative design, and industry-leading talent to create web applications that provide an online presence based upon both quality and exposure. It takes more than just having a web site to be successful on the Internet, your website must capture and intrigue your intended audience. Our highly trained web designers will maximize your online investment.

We are also trained in many areas of Infrastructure Expertise and LAN/WAN Solutions that will cater around your business’s needs. From start to finish, we can provide your system with the setup, planning and support that it needs to ensure your companies success. At Sipylus, we pride ourselves on providing your company with highly reliable IT solutions.

Our principal focus is to provide a professional job at an affordable price. Our clients have businesses to run and orders to process. We fully understand this and we ensure that technology is implemented speedily so as to meet business needs, business timescales and so as to make its use second nature. At Sipylus will make it our number one priority to fulfill your company’s needs and will provide you with a successful IT experience.

Specialties: Telecommunications, Networking, Security, Web Conferencing, Merchant Services
Industry: Information Technology and Services
Type: Privately Held
Company Size: 1-10 employees
Founded: 1990

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