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Meeting Today’s Staffing Challenges
Like most business operators and human resource managers today, you are faced with many challenges. Like how do you keep your operation properly staffed and control overhead in a continually changing business environment? Business expansions, contractions, launches, cyclical ups and downs, vacation and medical leaves are a few of the factors that can affect whether your organization is operating at one hundred percent. Factor in the constant pressure to reduce overhead and control personnel related expenses and you have one of businesses most pressing problems. Sipylus can help you meet today’s staffing challenges. We recognize and meet the needs of our clients by fostering not simply a business relationship… but a partnership with our clients and our temporaries!

Uncompromising Quality
Sipylus offers a pool of temporary employees who are qualified to fill in for every sector of your organization from mail-room to reception, secretary, administrative support, accounting and more! Sipylus personnel are thoroughly tested with reference and background checks to provide the best possible match for each position. We work with the most motivated, well trained and educated employees. Resumes are available for every Sipylus temp. There are temps available for short term and long term assignments, as well as temporary to permanent positions. Sipylus presents candidates and their qualifications without embellishments or exaggerations. Our clients know that they can rely on Sipylus to provide them with accurate descriptions and well matched candidates.

Our in-house professionals have many years of experience in the staffing industry. We work with every sector of the business community. Through our years of experience, we know what it takes to service you and your company successfully.

You can count on Sipylus to provide you with the best and most dedicated personnel for all your staffing needs. Sipylus demonstrates a genuine “we care” attitude towards our people providing them with competitive wages, extensive fringe benefits, career guidance and no-fee temp to permanent placement. Our “we care” attitude makes temps happier and more productive. We know that each business environment is unique. Along with all relevant information about the position you need to staff, we also ask for information about your company and the “personality” of the department that has the need. The more information we can give our temps…the higher the success rate will be!

Testing & Training
Along with the most up to date computer testing programs available in the staffing industry, Sipylus also utilizes the McGraw-Hill/ SRA battery of general aptitude tests to determine individual areas of strength. Sipylus will never send an employee to a job until they have completed all the testing required to properly fill the positions. We are continually updating as new technology emerges on the market. Our temps have access to all the popular business software available today. Our training programs, along with our expert staff, assist our temps in keeping their skills current.

Rates & Guarantees
We offer an 8 hour guarantee per assignment. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with a new temp… let us know and you will not be charged for the first 8 hours. Sipylus understands the bottom line. You will find that our rates are very competitive and our billing procedures are fast, easy and accurate.

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* To fill in for regular employees who are out on vacation, medical leave or maternity leave.
* To staff up during cyclical or unanticipated busy times.
* To assist during launches.
* To support business expansion, until permanent staff can be added.
* For short, medium or long term assignments as well as temporary to permanent positions.

Equal Opportunity
Sipylus is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All candidates are interviewed by our company regardless of age, sex, race, religious affiliation, color or national origin.