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It is easier to envision modern life with computers, which are now a form of amusement for us and an instrument for earning money. If your desktop or laptop has broken, it will be better to commit its repair to qualified specialists. One of the companies in New Jersey offering such services is Sipylus. Delegating the repair of your electronic mate gives you an opportunity to:

  • obtain professional’‎s view on the general order of your computer
  • diminish all risks of breakage deterioration
  • get general counsels for your computer caring to sustain the working condition of all its systems
  • avoid wasting nerves
  • appreciably keep personal time

Mending a computer on your own without experience and appropriate knowledge is always a hazard not only for the computer, but moreover for your emotional condition. Would you really like to run such risks?

Same Day Emergency Response is Available.

Onsite Service & Support $60.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)
Telephone Support $0.25 per min  (20 minute minimum)
Onsite Training & Support $60.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)
Onsite Group Training 3 or more $60.00 per hour per person (1 hour minimum)
Same Day Emergency Response $60.00 first hour – same day response
Travel Charge (Outside the County) $10.00 per trip

Same Day Emergency Response is Available.

We accept cash, personal and company checks, Visa and MasterCard and funds through PayPal. Payment for hardware, software and services is due on delivery and/or completion of service. Net Terms are available with approved credit.